False Idols

May 17, 2017
By sreisman0 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
sreisman0 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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When the sun set and you would fall asleep
The stars came to my room like a song.
I’d look through the glass to watch them
Dance, and mimic them in hopes of a miracle.

I thought I was your Venus, your stone written destiny,
But you were a diamond, a blinding child of the universe.
Would the gods take pity on me, Orion, and place me
chasing you in the sky forever? Laugh at me?

My hair fell out and down along with meteors, burning.
Then you took off your mask and wiped away our future,
And the lies spilled, but I worshiped it. When I pulled it together
You pulled my limbs off and kept them to pay your debts to the gods.

We were golden, shimmering, blinding from borrowed sunlight,
And you grew larger with each muscle you stole from my body.
Louder with each word you stole from my mouth,
And I fell short every time. This must be the height of passion.

The galaxies and solar systems would be so lucky
To have had us in our prime grace their vast dark skies;
But our grace was reserved for the passive aggressive words spat.
It is possible for a flower to go back to a seed in a matter of weeks.

You were a dead star back then, I just didn’t know.
Your light still made it’s way through me-engulfing me
Until your past caught up to you and the light burned out.
And when I pulled it together you pulled my limbs off.

Maybe I’m worth less with out my star dust
But stolen goods are tainted with a backstory of theft.
You’ll smell of lies the rest of your life
And when another girl goes to kiss you maybe she’ll taste it.

Maybe it’s all my fault: I created  heaven in my head,
I made constellations out of empty space,
I kneeled at my bed every night. Thinking you gave everything,
But you just blinded me, you coward, and now I see.

How could I have seen through my naive eyes
You were never the sun? You’re a damn eclipse.

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