May 17, 2017

It began in the hallway
like an abrupt wake from a
deep sleep but he will
see me

He intently reads the pages of the book
and I must look away when he
glances up and reminds me
of how he
completes you

The room is quiet like always
but the words are screaming
only in my head
I think
but I am never really sure

Time goes by with each glance closer
Catching a glimpse of his welcoming brown eyes
admiring her, admiring you
my best friend

The ringing of the bell signals the
end to my admiration
until tomorrow
I think
until tomorrow

In the rush away from him
my pencil falls to the ground I
blush when he picks it up, laughing and joking and
hands it to my fractured heart
if only he knew

He meets you in the hallway
to go to your next class that you share and
you smile and nod at me
You don't know
You never can

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