May 17, 2017
By , Centerville, MN
What is truth?
It's very hard to find.
The morals that my peers teach me,
Are these laws I should abide?
People say I can do whatever;
As long as it makes me happy.
But will it really?
In the long run
When things are different.
When I look back at my youth,
Will I be proud of my actions?
Things that make me happy now,
Will they make me happy then?

So, when someone tells me something
How do I know it's true?
How do I know what's good and what's bad?
Who is honest and who is not?
Who will lead me in the right direction?
How do I know a man means it
When he says "I love you"
How I know I mean it when I say it too?
How will I know if he's "the one"?
Is love really what I think it is?
Or is that a lie too?

What is beauty?

Is it natural beauty?
When a woman
Is able to leave the house
Without a spec of makeup on her face
And still be beautiful.

Is it beauty of the soul?
When a woman is kind,
When a woman can have
The hardest day,
And still go to bed
With a smile on her face.

Is it the ability to always be flawless?
Like the models in magazines.
To go out everyday
And look perfect.
To make other girls stare in awe
Because you look so beautiful.
When a woman spends
Hundreds of dollars
Every week
On her hair,
And face.
Because looking her best
Is important to her

It's hard to tell.
With our society and all.
They say true beauty
Comes from the soul.
But yet,
People look at models and celebrities
And say
"She's so gorgeous!"
"I wish I looked like that!"
I do it
All the time.
So do other girls.
So what is TRUE beauty?
I guess we'll never know.

The truth
I guess
Is nonexistent.
I guess
It's just perspective
That makes things true.

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