Heart over Head

May 17, 2017

Alone I try to ignore the creeping thoughts
I feel from my ineptitude
Wondering when I will end this pent up suppression
Obsessing over my imperfections

Afraid to take the boat to Nineveh
Doubts cloud my head
Would I be able to overcome the journey ahead
Could I be satisfied if I remain

My head is like broken compass
The winds blow east but my mind tells me west
I know this is not where I should go,
yet I choose to prove that I can make it on my own

The winds and waves are against my pursuit
With every step I lose track of where my end goal lies
I fall, collapse, and lay on my back
For once, I see the stars dancing above my head

I lay there reminiscing of my carefree innocence
I lay there forgetting about my mistakes
I lay there wondering if things will get better
I lay there slowly beginning to let go of the pressure

The eight pointed star shines so brightly,
guiding me to the path I tried to avoid
My mind is overwhelmed with a tsunami of thoughts,
and at last my heart tells me to get up and walk

I walk to the boat that remained there,
building up the courage to set sail
Curious to see where the horizon ends
My heart beats as I begin this new pursuit

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