All I Lost

May 17, 2017

I was raised ahead of my time
Age 8 was my prime
No time to shine
It was only a year
before we made it out
I lost my family
Dad, uncle, brother, sister, and mother
We went in kids came out men
It's like a machine
I was like a machine
Programed to do what they told me
Nobody could see
It was all a scam
A scam against me

I am left alone
Nothing but the clothes on my back
Lost my family
Due to Hitler
It was so much bigger
Who expected this
It came so fast
But lasted so long
My young self is gone
Never to be found 
My hope is forever drowned

But every few minutes I have a flashback
I have reality give me a slap
There's no treatment for my condition
Its pure bad
Makes me mad
They killed my dad
For giving food to me
The pain is hard to believe
I feel the grief


Who knows maybe they are alive
The others were lost
In other groups
They had just as good a chance as me
But now I am free
I definitely paid the fee
They killed us a thousand a day
Hitler made us pay
For what we didn’t do
What he told the others wasn't true
What we had to do

The physical labor
we got whipped everyday
we had to be our best actor
Or we would just get beat more

Now I am getting over it
I am only 9 I am a brother who lost
my family to the Holocaust

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