I Saw Megan Lie

May 17, 2017
By oddlybang BRONZE, Markham, Ontario
oddlybang BRONZE, Markham, Ontario
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I saw Megan Lie
On the main
streets of Seoul
Those snake’s eyes were set
like the hard type of newspaper.

I saw those cracked lips
Rear their heads in a sneer;
A leaf of spinach
Had slipped
Between those perfect fangs.

How I once envied those fangs
Sparkling in that maniacal grin
Like a fork most cheerfully stuck
inside a rusty toaster.

And so I danced like
Gene Kelly
As he sang in the rain
For the reign of her Lies
Was finally

The author's comments:

I think that most people will miss the meaning of this poem if they don't know the backstory. Basically, a girl named Megan caused a lot of grief for me during middle school. "Lie" is a play on words ( a play on her last name). I often imagined confronting her in my mind, which is what the poem attempts to convey. I referred to Seoul because (as I'm Korean) this my "territory", so to speak.

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