Did you notice her?

May 9, 2017
By AliceG BRONZE, Caronport, California
AliceG BRONZE, Caronport, California
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?Did you notice her?
How long did it take you to see
That she had been suicidal since 13?
That her smile was fake as they come
Her tears real, spilling out until numb
will she eventually suffocate in this water
Or the lack of love from a mother or father
And An abusive sister
Who used and hit her
Did you notice her?

Did you notice her?
when she tried to hide her scars
The blood was a prison of bars
Set to shut her in till all seemed so lost
Did you care what your lack of attention might have cost?
To have one friend must have felt like a vitality
But you were not ready for responsibility
Why reach for what is hard
When her wrists are destroyed and scarred
Did you notice her?

Did you notice her?
She tried to be ok, who needed to know
You made it easy, that lack of interest you show
She was hurting, that pain just too much
her heart ready to break with just one touch
She thought her life was meaningless
And no one told her she was loved.
Until it was too late.
Did you notice her?

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