Childish Fears

May 5, 2017
By , Montville, CT

Ease the pain, I pled heavily with gallons of tears...

You are my comfort, you demolish my fears.

My fears of the ropes that choke me in my dreams, that make me gasp for the air that isn't always there, that makes me reach for the stars that shine through the moons hair. 


I can’t sleep, I can't sleep at all. 


I can't see MY world without you in it, what a nightmare that is,

Lost of freshness and sweet tasting air, lost of the sight of 

what I once strived for is stranded somewhere

Tell me, tell me when did our bond fade out 

Spinning out of control, dazed 

Three days before the end of our lives, cry with grief of great heartbreak 

The aches inside our bones grow within each hour that wastes away before our glossed eyes


As the worries suffocate our thoughts we lay for the very last time.

Just hold me so tightly that my lungs collapse into your hand. 

Remember when I mentioned how you could demolish my fears? 

you can't take my fears away when you're the monster underneath my bed. 

Those stories that my mother told me were not about fluffy bears with sharp teeth 

or blood sucking spiders with seventy-two legs, they were about boys like you, 

dressed up with those translucent words and luring eyes, poisonous lips and grabby hands, 

what more could I have for you?

You have broke me so much that no amount of super glue could ever mend the cracks,

No extra strong bandage could cover the scars you’ve imbedded into my body.

As the blood drip out from my body, my last breath escapes my mouth.

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