May 5, 2017
By , Sioux City, IA

It's 9 pm; she's ready for bed.

She crawls under the covers, and shivers as the soft cloth touches her goosebump covered skin.

She closes her eyes and thinks about what's going on in her life.

Her parents fight, her "friends" talk, her grades drop, and her eyes fill with tears.

Her mind wonders.

It's 1 am; she's ready for it all to end.

She crawls out from under her warm covers, now soaked with salty liquids that poured from her like water falls.

She picks up the bottle, and thinks about the pros and cons of this choice.

Her parents won't fight over her anymore, her "friends" will be free from her burdening presence, grades won't matter; she opens the bottle.

Five pain relievers won't make a difference.

It's 4 am; she's still alive.

She sits on her bedroom floor, and wishes the pain inside her heart would cease, even for just a moment.

She picks up the bottle, filled with pills that should make you feel better.

If five wasn't enough, what's a couple more, she thinks about all her good memories, and they almost block out the bad ones.

I guess almost just wasn't enough.

It's 7 am; her soul wanders.

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