Something More

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Something More
Round and round
hollow thoughts play in my head
leaving me with nothing but dread.
Just imagine the sight of all the intriguing places,
Oh what i would give to never see another one of these faces.

I can't handle another pointless conversation,
I know that this can't be my ultimate destination.
For I must go, go with much aggression,
to live a life, one that is full of nothing but passion.

Look up into the stars.
Realize, for once, just how insignificant you are.
So why do you think it is in our jurisdiction,
to repay the earth with malnutrition?
From every factory and pollutant,
our oceans will be nothing but mutants.

With nothing being done,
and everyone sitting back saying “oh no”
I guess there's nothing else to do
but to sit back and watch the world explode

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on May. 26 2017 at 10:12 pm
If these are just a few of the thoughts that actually get written down, I am fascinated by the possibilities of what's also going to be written by you. Your words are intriguing.


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