Timely love

May 22, 2017

I’m falling in love with you but not too fast
I look into your eyes as I let the seconds which seem like minutes’ pass
Your eyes are filled with depth and beauty and distract me from every thought which consumes me
Those deep green eyes capture me completely, eyes so captivating like the ocean waves clashing in the deep sea, the ones helping me fall so easily for everything about you that there is to see
Let’s just say again I’m falling in love with you but not too fast
Maybe it’s your laugh, the one that makes me melt as the moments infinately last
It’s crazy how you’re so intriguing and addictive, you always seem to have lifted even the darkest of days even the ones that held me in my bed like a prisoner going insane
You’re the one I want to purse a future with because without “u” it wouldn’t make sense, life wouldn’t be as kind
I guess that line doesn’t exactly rhyme but I can so naturally just feel the beats of our hearts combine as I look at you and realize girls like you are rare and hard to find
Baby, I’m falling in love with you, but not too fast, I want to appreciate this amazing thing we seem to have because things so true and vast have such an impact
I’m scared to love; I’m scared of the fall but mi amor, you make me not scared to love at all

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