A world without hate

May 22, 2017
By Noodlecx BRONZE, Burkburnett , Texas
Noodlecx BRONZE, Burkburnett , Texas
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We all have dark times. Times you would wish to disappear. Think to yourself wouldn't it be better if there wasn't any hate in this world. But one thing you must realize is hate if a fundamental part of change because hate is another form of one voicing there own opinion. Without that we wouldn't have diversity. We wouldn't have people with such great differences because differences make us all different so we can't fit into that cookie cutter reality so many want. That cookie cutter reality though it might seem like a perfect idea to so many it in fact what would destroy humanity because humanity was made to be different. who's version would be better because of the fact so many have such different opinions who's reality would be the best one ? That's a hard question to answer because a reality without hate where everyone thought the same no one would make any great changes everyone would always remain the same. There wouldn't be true love anymore, there wouldn't be Writers anymore,and there wouldn't be anyone anymore. So before you say hate is a horrible thing wile people may take it to another extreme sometimes look at it in a different light. Without hate there wouldn't be any changes in people weather be for the better or for the worst change is necessary for any kind of growth in humanity.

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