Cool Things Happen at 2 AM

May 22, 2017
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During the summer,

I work at a camp.

When I first worked,

I kept mainly

to myself.

I don't really


to most people.

It wasn’t bad,

I was used to it,

and I preferred it

to people

I didn't like.

As with any job

like that though,

I met people.

I was very lucky.

These people

were especially

nice to me,

and interesting.

I enjoyed

talking to them.

They became

my friends.

We grew

very close,

helping each other

teach classes

and hanging out

in the staff bunkrooms

playing video games.

We would go out to eat

on our nights off work.

We still meet up sometimes

when we don't work.

And when we do,

we're always

very happy to see each other.

My friends and I

will sometimes decide

To hang out at 2 AM.

Those times are the best.

We go to the dock

while everyone else

is asleep.

We talk about all sorts of things.

We sit at the edge

with our feet in the water.

My friends have shared

their biggest secrets with me

at 2 AM.

I've told them mine

as well.

We've laughed


We've cried


One time,

we almost fell asleep


(That would've been bad.

We could've been caught.)

We've grown incredibly close

on that dock

at 2AM.


we're not allowed to do that.

And yes,

we could get

in a lot of trouble.

But those

2 AM hangouts

have been some

of the best


I've ever had.

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