Caged Bird

May 22, 2017
By DanielAran BRONZE, Houston, Texas
DanielAran BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Rusty, torrid prison bars
Cylindrical wooden scaffold
My reflection; my only friend
Caged bird, caged bird
Why sit there so helplessly
Caged bird, caged bird
The love you seek, comes with a fee
Caged bird
Is this really what you need?
Left for isolation
Hugging your reflection, cuddling fallacy
Left hung to dry in the sun
Left to shiver in the cold rain
Hung up on a porch
Caged bird
The love that you search
Caged bird
Is not confined with the one who hung you
caged bird, stolen from the wild
caged bird, lost like a child
Find your way back
It's love that you lack
Caged bird
You turn your shoulders to the songs of others
You reject love, and hide under the covers
Why bother, we've tried so hard to get you out
We've opened the gate, we've left the key
But you refuse to leave
And all for what
A few glimpses a day of her
While you sit in that old cage
Clipped wings, broken songĀ 

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