In The Beginning

May 22, 2017
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In the beginning,

there was nothing.


something happened

to that nothing.

Everything was made

from the nothing.


That’s what I’ve been told.

I think about it

a lot.

There’s lots of versions

of that story,

some are conflicting.

It’s an odd story.


I believed

for a long time


somebody turned nothing

into everything.

For a while,

I never questioned it.


Then I learned

a little bit,

and I had a question.

So I asked,

“How did the somebody

get there?”

I was given

a lot

of answers

to that question.

Maybe it was


but I really

only paid

much attention

to one of

those answers.

“That’s a good question,”

I was told.

“You’ll have to find that out for yourself.”

So I did.

At least,

I tried.

Like I said,

it’s an odd story.


I learned

a lot.

I read books.

I listened.

I questioned.

I talked.

I observed.

I inferred.


Because of that,

I found something


By learning

a lot,

I learned

there’s a lot

I don’t know.


there’s lots

of people

that know more

than me.


to tell you

my opinion,

I don’t think


really knows

what happened

in the beginning.


we were created.


something exploded.


something went wrong.



always existed

in some form,

and there was

no beginning.


So I came

to a conclusion:

I’ll don’t think

I’ll ever know

what happened

in the beginning

(if there was one).

So instead of


about it,

I’ll just be happy

I exist.

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