In your shoes

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

To My Youngest:

I’ve been in your shoes whether you believe it or not

I know what it’s like to run so fast you couldn’t see your legs moving

To hoard so much candy you have to have 3 different caches

To always be checking the closet for monsters before jumping in bed

I’ve been in your shoes

I’ve had it rough too, I’ve learnt my lesson from how to break a bike and what not to say at the dinner table

I’ve been there when your siblings are being so difficult you want to run away and live with the deer in the woods.

When you are the youngest you have no control over anyone because you are at the bottom of the food chain

Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes

I know it’s hard to understand why mom is so mean that she puts you in time out for giving yourself a bold haircut

I’ve been there when your older brother convinces you that there is a ghost renting out the attic

At this age and status in the family hierarchy, you also have many privileges

You can get all the best hand-me-downs you’ve been eying since your sibling’s first received them

I’ve realized you can also get out of any trouble if only you are sly enough

I’ve been in your shoes

You will have struggles and triumphs, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh

You will learn about life and you’ll lose touch with some friends; then make some friends

I’ve been there when you take your opportunities for granted and you realize it too late

I know you’ll think your parents are against you

I’ve been there before

I know now why my parents raised me as they did and I hope you realize too

Being the youngest may seem like you have the most burdensome job but really it’s a gift

Child, keep your head up even when you are in a dark place because you will see you have blessings as numerous as the stars

I know this, because I’ve been in your shoes


The author's comments:

I am the youngest in my family and its hard for them to understand some aspects of my status. I wanted to write to my youngest to let them know that I understand them.

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