May 22, 2017

She gives you more money
You say you need it
Little does she know
It’s her money that feeds it
Like an illness but of the mind
Or a wound that won't stay sewn tight
The threads come undone you’re back at it again
Looking for a fix or an escape
The entrance to a new world
Better than this because in a world like ours
Distraction is bliss
Sniffing through straws
Seeing through the eyes of a syringe
The spoon beside you never held cereal in it
The baggies everywhere and the pipe on the table
You say that you can quit, that you ARE able
If only you wanted
Would you really be capable of coping with a life
You haven’t lived in years
dealing with the fact that you still have tears
That after detox emotions burn brighter than before
You’ll have to relearn
You ran from your troubles
Until your mind forgot that emotions are deeper than an addict's front
So now your wreathing shocks through your limbs
Deciding whether to call a dealer, a therapist, or an ambulance

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