May 22, 2017
By sinnoh17 BRONZE, Wilton, New York
sinnoh17 BRONZE, Wilton, New York
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Veganism and Buddhism carpooled to yoga

while Catholicism met Pointillism for coffee to discuss their next big project.
Bipedalism began the day with a jog.
Judaism prayed that Militarism would stop fighting.
Militarism prayed he knew what he was fighting for.
Symbolism was looking for something to be a part of.

While Altruism volunteered at a blood drive,
Heroism was off fighting fires catching bad guys and taking all of the credit.
Cynicism and Skepticism sat in the park, watching the others, judging silently.
Existentialism was dealing with a crisis.
Narcissism ran down the street
Starbucks coffee in hand
flip flops on
trying to dry freshly-painted nails while rushing to Hedonisms house for work.
Sensationalism took a bow and signed autographs and
Mercantilism set up shop for the day.
Narcissism turned around to see the roses and the chrysanthemums, before scurrying off once again.

The author's comments:

Inspired by Tony Hoagland’s What Narcissism Means to Me

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