They Came Back In Boxes

May 22, 2017
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Is almost…
Right up in the face
Really rubbing it in

Standing amongst the mothers who are now not mothers
And the the wives who are now not wives
And the children who aren't going to be treated like children for much longer

It's going to be all facts, tears slipped away under pillow cases
Right after they hand you the folded flag

It's going to be
Your father was such a strong man
A brave man
A caring man
And all the memories of him coming home smelling of the local bar are going to taste like watered down truth
When you're sure a week ago it was whisky...definitely whisky

The men aren't all that are missing
The past is missing to because it doesn't have a present to connect to for a future to develop into
It's all just
Oh say can you see
and finish your math homework
And tired dinners
And no one to tell you how to put on a tie
Or kiss a girl
Or get so deep in a bottle you're numb

They can figure that part out anyway.

Another funeral.
Reality walks in uninvited: but expected . 

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