A Plant in the Sun

May 21, 2017
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Though you are surrounded by others
Similar faces, similar bodies
  Nearly identical on the surface,
Yours is different.
Your form is where my eyes will always go
Your voice is what my ears will search for

Though I don’t want them to.
I’m drawn to you.
You are the only one I will see in a crowd
As if you were a needle in a haystack
  And I a mere magnet,
Wishing you to be near me.
Unlike the needle
You can resist my pull.

   Sadly, my love, I cannot resist yours.

Looking at you
feels desperate
  Desperate to be closer
  Desperate just to hear you laugh one more time
   To see your smile
   To feel your touch
    (However innocent that touch may be)
  Desperate to be near you
   To simply soak up your radiance
Like a hungry, insignificant plant
  Straining to find more sun.

I can feel my desperation
Clawing up from my heart
  Into my throat
Trying to get out through my mouth
Trying to be heard
So that maybe
  just maybe
You might understand.

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