Fear of the Unknown

May 21, 2017
By poetrygirl24 BRONZE, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
poetrygirl24 BRONZE, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
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Fear is walking into a new classroom on the first day of school,

Fear is forgetting to do your homework,

Fear is the first time you get caught lying,

Fear is getting a bad grade on your test,

Fear is not knowing what to do with your life,

Fear is losing the one you love,

Fear is having your rights taken away from you,

Fear is having discrimination on many for the actions of some,

Fear is having your identity stripped away from you,

Fear is not having control over your own body,

Fear is getting denied your rights because of what color your skin is,

Fear is making less money than someone because of what your gender is,

Fear is giving someone power they don’t deserve,

Fear is a violent battle that is difficult to fight,

Fear is here, and we cannot let it win

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