May 20, 2017
By TheGirlThatOnceBelieved BRONZE, Becker, Minnesota
TheGirlThatOnceBelieved BRONZE, Becker, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
She wore pain and

Hey eyes held a galaxy,
Inside lay a black hole.
He told her they were gorgeous,
But she thought they were dull.
He tried, day after day,
To convince her of their allure,
But soon the boy found out,
Her doubt had no cure.
For she would always think of herself
As boring, plain, and bland.
But he would always see her
As beautiful, gorgeous, and grand.
As she got older,
She married the boy,
Who has grown into a man,
And he still brings her joy.
Year after year,
The man soon knew,
Her doubt seemed to lift,
And no longer grew.
He concluded that her doubt
Had an unknown cure.
But love must have played a part,
That he knew for sure.

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