The Zoo

May 19, 2017
By PicassoWithAPencil BRONZE, Kannapolis, North Carolina
PicassoWithAPencil BRONZE, Kannapolis, North Carolina
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"Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down"- Ray Bradbury

The bars are dark and black
They are soft
They feel coarse underneath the Monsters claws
As It rips them apart
Leaving sca  rs
It didn’t know
Exis  ted
The onlookers point and whisper
They La  ugh and screech
As if the Monster did not feel
And is not howling and crying
Because of the deadly Weap ons found in their words
Yet to those It is surrounded by
It is quiet and placid
It is not trying to hide its face
It is trapped in a world of chaos
A never ending Zoo
Where pa  in is absolute
And do  ubt is wildly rampant
Yet no one se  es
I went to visit this Mons  ter
One day
I looked it in the eye
No one

I loo  ked in my mirr  or that evening
And found a shad ow
Found a lost so ul
Standing with me



S    aw



Mon    ster

Loo    king



In a

In a

The author's comments:

"The Zoo" has a deeper meaning than perceived on the surface. "The Zoo" is about my mental illness, Trichotillomania, which I've struggled with for five years. It's an illness where one pulls their hair, and I pulled my eyebrows. The Monster in the cage is represented as me as well as what other people see me as at first glance. And the cage is a representation of my pulled eyebrows and how they prevent me from truly escaping this disease. The Zoo itself is represented by my chaotic life and the spectators are the people who've ridiculed me. The end of the poem exhibits when I look in the mirror at the end of every day and see the truth that is myself and my life. I one day hope to become a YA therapist for people with this disease because most people feel they are completely alone. And they're not. Just because I'm stuck does not mean this is the end for me. It's simply a roadblock.

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