Maybe It's Us, Maybe Its Me

May 19, 2017

Inauguration day 2017
Maybe it's us, maybe its me

Maybe because of the color of my skin
Will the oppression ever end?

Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s me
Maybe it's just because the white man was destined for victory 

Maybe it's us, maybe it’s me
That this nation was built off the work my ancestors on their hands and knees

Maybe it's my fault
That white supremacy is the American default

Maybe it's us, Maybe it's Me
That the black mothers stand on their porch yellin’ “God help me”

Praying their sons come home
from a war against people of my own

To Lord his mom prayed, bring back Freddy Gray so he could see another day
To the lord his mom prayed, aim your guns down, Bring home my son Michael Brown
To the lord his mom prayed, that his young age would suffice, but no. Bring home Tamir Rice

Maybe it's us, Maybe its me
All of the problems that started long before Inauguration 2017

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