But sorry doesn't Change the Past

May 19, 2017

Dear Mr. Black Man,

On behalf of your oppressors I am sorry.
I am sorry that you were taken from this world by the raging fire of  hate.
I am sorry on behalf of the ignorance that failed to see you as anything other than human.
I am sorry that justice has never been served for the wrongs that were forced upon you like a platter of despair.
I sorry for the animosity that was tied to your ankles like the shackles on your ancestors bare bodies.
I am sorry that the complexity and beautify of your breath was taken by an absent minded  finger on a trigger.
I am sorry that hope has been stripped from the hearts of your family.
I am sorry that as life left your lungs they were filled with the thick air of dismay.
I am sorry that your legacy will not be filled with your aspirations but a name on a list and statistic on a chart.

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