The Wolf On Top of the Hill

May 19, 2017
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There is no greater enemy than yourself
To beat the outside you must beat the inside
But you hear them, right?
They don’t leave you, huh?
Like the most faithful dog in the world
But this is not a dog, far from it
This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
It stares at you from the hill
And you’re climbing it
And it slides rocks down to you
And you struggle
But this is good
Accept this
For it is said
The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill

Every time you do something or attempt it
Every time you hold hope
Every time you produce an ounce of confidence
They come
The cautions light up
The flurry of doubts strike
And you’re reeling
And you’re falling
The world is caving
And you’re falling
And the culprit is you
And you end up beating yourself up about it
And you languish in disgust and pain
The thing you wanted most
You couldn’t get

But you’re that wolf
The one climbing the hill
And when you make the decision
That enough is enough
When you turn you’re “I want”
Into an “I have to have”
And you get the courage to say
I can
I will
I must
When you want to succeed
As bad as you want to breathe
Your mind shifts
And it gets easier
And your claws dig harder
And your muscles grow stronger
And your vision sharpens
And you quicken
Until you’re at the top of that hill
And your doppleganger vanishes
And you howl with delight
Because no one can stop you now
For it is said
“The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill”

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