Love is Unfair

May 19, 2017
By Annais_ BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Annais_ BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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My heart is aching
Oh how unfair
The way that you treated me                                                            
Oh how i despaired                                                  

You told me you loved me,
Oh how very unfair
The lies that you told me
I couldn't bare.

Down in my heart i knew you weren't here
Why do I say this? Because you weren't near
Screaming inside I tried to act fine,
But down in my heart I knew you weren't mine.

You told me you'll love me,
Till the day that I die
But how will i know if
These really aren't lies.

I no longer feel pain
And my heart no longer aches,
But one day I pray
That you realize your mistakes.

Love is unfair
Oh so unreal
Harder to treasure
So I make a big deal.

Love may be hard.
But what is there to say?
I knew this would end,
But not in this way.

The author's comments:

This piece is meant to reflect on how not every relationship is perfect so dont dwell on those few bad moments.

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