The Creator's Evolution

May 19, 2017
By Corvus_Ink BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Corvus_Ink BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Born without the loud gasp of air
Being alive - to me - didn’t need such noise in the place where we are to be in peace
The second I was bestowed in this world
A lesson nor the introduction for respect, gratefulness, and life wasn’t needed
I lived a life where I believed everything is in harmony
But I was soon presented to ignorance, conformity, and death without warning
Fear was inside me
How was I able to express these experiences?
It's  simple
Graphite and paper

What my family taught me as a child was the inverted belief in a moral life
What I loved, my people hate
What I KNEW was good for myself: Only created frustration and stubbornness in my family
The venom of religion flowed in my blood, but with the undesirable effect
It challenged MY moralities
MY perspective and the sympathy with humanity
And MY creations in paper
I immediately knew, one’s black-and-white belief can’t be change, for it has no gray areas
How was I able to express my opinion?
It's simple
Ink and paper

I broke free from the chains of the contradictory rules from the “holy” books
And viewed society, the world with a fresh point of view
Curiosity replaced fear 
I befriended those who focus on the goodwill of humanity itself
How am I able to express my opinions?
It's simple
Color and paper

The author's comments:

My inspiration is form my past. I hope this poem will reach to other readers to not be afraid of making unique expression or changes for their own good in life.

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