May 19, 2017

Because he was getting old and still worked two jobs
Because he looked tired every day at practice and still did everything that he could to help us
Because sometimes he could not show up to practice and it would make the whole team sad
Because he had to quit
because his daughter died in a car crash
Because he was such a good guy that he took care of her kids
Because he made all of the 7 year olds the best men they could be
Because coaching did not make much money but he was there for the love of the game
Because he inspired me to play football and has always been my role model
He was always there for me and pushing me
Because I switched teams when he had to leave
He coached me to his best
And every game I remember all the games we had
And when he left my role model had disappeared
But he is still in my heart
Because he made football fun
But still made you try as hard as you can every single minute you were playing

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