Aspen Tree

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Under an aspen tree
A single leaf falls down
Lands on the ground
Without a sound
Rests on a small rock carefully
Then falls off
As a breeze blows in,
It flies away


The most beautiful thing
I have ever seen
Was a bright
Blue lake
With reflections so bright
You would think
It was real
But if you get up close
You can see
thirty feet down to the
Jagged rocks

One you hiked above
You could see all three lakes
Thousands of feet below
With peaks rising above them
And next to you
Was the biggest peak
With rough spires
Against the blue sky

The Maroon Bells
Spiking up
Like the alps
All of the small lines
Through the mountains
The smell of wildflowers
And the nearby forest
The sun
Shining through the small opening
In the grey clouds
Lighting up
The entire valley
With a mystic glow
Making the already bright colors
Even more vivid
The sound of light rain
Falling onto the lake
And water trickling down the small stream
The sound of leaves rustling in the wind.
The sound of a light breeze
Blowing in from over the ridge
The massive peaks
Looming over
Casting shadows upon
Anything that is in its way
All around
Green mountains
With hints of red poking through
Peace and quiet
Throughout the valley
One of the
Most beautiful places
I have ever been

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