May 19, 2017
By SimranKD. SILVER, Coral Springs, Florida
SimranKD. SILVER, Coral Springs, Florida
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The summers seemed endless
The sun beamed down on their faces
Gave life to the palm trees
Made the Ocean shine.

The breeze contrasted the heat,
Cooled her burning skin.
Blew the hair out of her face,
Gave him a perfect view of of her.

They spent their summer together,
Sharing jokes and laughing,
Telling each other how much they loved one another.
They spent their summer happy.

They went snorkeling.
Found a starfish attaching itself to the ocean floor,
Reminding them of how they were attached to each other.
Reminding them of how they couldn't let go.

When they woke in bed together,
They'd spend the day at the beach.
Let the waves rock them
As they held each other.

But one day the waves were stronger.
One day the waves pulled them instead of rocked them.
They pulled him under,
Snatching him away from her arms

She waited for him,
Refusing to believe he was gone,
Refusing to believe he had left her

She's here now
Standing with her feet in the water
Months after he left her
All alone

She looks down and sees a starfish
Still gripping the ocean floor.
Still attaching itself to its home
Resuming to let go

I slowly walk into the ocean,
Towards the man I love,
Who's gripping the ocean floor like a starfish,
I won't be alone anymore.

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