Late for School

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

One alarm clock by my bed
Another across the room
Both of them unsuccessful
As I stay sealed up in my tomb

I awake from my ancient slumber
And embark on my voyage to the shower
I turn it on and get inside
When I realize the clocks are still blaring, full power

I Brush my teeth
Shave my face
Throw on my clothes
I have to pick up the pace

Fly downstairs
Make my lunch
Eat some oatmeal
I have to rush

Leap in my truck
Tear down the driveway
Scream past the neighbors
This road is my raceway

I see the red lights
As I come over the hill
My truck comes to a halt
And so does my morning thrill

I eventually arrive at my destination
By oozing there one inch at a time
Coming to a rest in the parking lot
While my watch says 7:29

The author's comments:

I am always 9 minutes late to school every day.

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