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Chained Monsters

There is a room no one knows
in the farthest corner down the hall.
A monster chained bound to the walls,
we like to feed him words keeping his skin hard unable to shed.
The spike-like horns are not only untamed, but also chained in vain that they think they cause harm.
He does not know a world beyond four wooden walls.
Although we keep him locked up for safe keeping the only thing he is entitled to is the shaking in attempt for leaving.
He does not know a world beyond four wooden walls
as we feed him words to eat, but not the right ones to be free.
Yes there is a monster right down the hall
rumor is when he sheds his skin he'll finally see outside of wooden walls.
The rumor is that he's not a monster at all
only a man that lives down the hall.
Yes there is a man that lives down the hall
rumor is he is not a man at all.
The rumor is she is a young women that lives down the hall, the truth is she must be human after all.
Yes there is a women that lives in the farthest corner down the hall.
Chained by the walls, words being fed, she looks in the mirror never shedding skin.
Skin is not as tough as it appears to be, but us humans like to chain the things that think differently.
Monsters have no mask to hide only layers to peel,
rumor has it we all think humanly.
The truth is we chain our monsters in fear of what others will think.
What was the difference from the beginning?
Rumor has it there shouldn't be
the truth is the rumor, there shouldn't be it's the way us humans think that makes us feel differently.

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