Other Side of the River

May 14, 2017
By Anonymous

There is a feeling deep inside
I felt as empty as the night sky without stars and the moonlight
The light drives away slowly
Minute by minute day by day
The broken memory comes with hushed tears
There is a river
That river runs so wide, that runs so deep
By its river line 
I can still can hear myself saying
Don’t give up
You herd me
I know it I saw it in you 
But you couldn’t reach to the other side of the river
I have learned that the worst times may be the best

The author's comments:

I choose to write " Other Side of the River " because in some point in life whether it is short or long you might not reach your achievements that you always wanted. For example in the poem I wrote " but you couldn’t reach to the other side of the river" which  means  to not give up. If you don’t like what you accomplished then keep on going because sometimes opportunities may offer bigger then you imagen. Writing this poem was like giving a message to not give whether it is a disease or a goal. Always try or do your very best. 
I did my poem on the left side because I wanted to feel like a real writer. In the stations I was reading some poems and most of the poems that I was reading were on the left handed side.  You can tell that my poem has different sizes of lines. That is so because the meaning is different for each line.  All the first letters for each and single line are capital because I like how it looks it looks organized. My poem doesn’t have punctuating because most poems don’t have any punctuating and I wanted my poem to be a little like those.

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