May 14, 2017
By ClaytonOglesby BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
ClaytonOglesby BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm a bottle. I may crack, but I'll never break."

Love is a knife.
It cuts through wounds that were never meant to be healed.
I’m always chasing after love
When I can’t even love myself.
We all want to be loved so badly
That we’re willing to lose love for ourselves.
Love can be given but not always received.
We’re all fighting for something that never belonged to us
Maybe that's why we're so depressed.
Long sleeved shirts cannot cover
The wounds that we try to hide.
No matter how hard we try to cover them
they always find their way back.
True love doesn’t exist anymore.
True love is a sick virus that kills our spirits and breaks our hearts.
All I want is to be loved,
Not broken.

The author's comments:

What does true love mean? I ask myself this question everyday and I think I found the honest answer.

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