April 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Yelling and screaming
He told us we were
Worthless and unwanted

Alone and afraid
Not wanting my
Mom to feel that pain

Running and hiding
Trying to save us
From him abuse

Moving and moving
He kept finding us
Saying he wanted us

Lies and lies
He kept up the
Abuse and pain

Crying and hiding
Not wanting others
To know my pain

My sister didn't
Understand what
she was doing

Physical and mental
Abused to no end
Beat and yelled at

It wasn't her
It was him
Her abuse from him

Abused and unwanted
I felt lonely
Not sharing my pain

I couldn't feel
I was numbed
To the struggles

Years and years
And it still feels
Like yesterday

Now and again
It all comes back
The words the memories

All the pain
Condensed together
In a fiery ball

Crying alone
I don't let others know
Still hiding my pain

Thought of wrong
I'm not my father

Mean and annoying
They don't understand
How could I trust again

My pain showed
But they didn't

Still in pain
Still wanting them to


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