May 11, 2017
By , Griffin, GA

Strength isn't what you see.

It isn't how much someone can lift

Or how fast someone's speed is.

Strength isn't how hard someone can punch;

It's how much you could hould back.


It's easy to lose control,

But it's hard to maintain it.

We always want to hit back;

It's in our nature,

But it takes Strength to avoid a fight.


The tongue is one of the smallest muscles in the body,
Yet the damage it can cause is large.

Words are easily spit out of our mouths,

And what we say shows others our character.

It's difficult to filter out our words;

However, this shows that we have the strength to control our tongue.


Addictions are everywhere.

It's easy to become addicted to something;

It's hard to ignore it.

And being pressured doesn't help,

But saying no and taking a stand takes guts.

It takes Strength.

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