Theme for English 12

May 11, 2017

I wonder if it's the end?
I am nineteen, Asian, born in China.
I went to school in China, then Greensboro, then here
To Chapel Hill next year, keep staying in N.C.
I only have one piece for the portfolio left.
The steps from finishing to ending,
Open the surface, check my phone, grab some snacks
Go downstairs, to the kitchen, and I remember
That I have to write a poem, which I suppose to finish
Two hours ago, and time flies.

It's very confusing for me, or others
At nineteen, my age, to plan for the future.
I am confident, ambitious, but unsure
I write and write, and write more
Creative writing, stories, and poems, for the portfolio
But for what?

Well, I like reading and writing, as well as eating,
Sleeping, and drinking, just like other people.
But, understanding life is hard, for me
I guess going to college doesn't mean
The same thing as neglecting the portfolio
So will my teacher satisfy with my poem?
Writing one, it takes so long
But it will be
A good one, Mrs. Peery
You are a teacher--
Teaching English, as I am studying.
That's the beauty of learning.
Sometimes perhaps you struggled with it
Nor do I often frustrate with it
But I am, of course
In love with the process
I guess It takes another few years
Even though I will curse, hate,
And procrastinate, a lot!

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