May 11, 2017
By grh23 SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
grh23 SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
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Each and every day we all walk through the halls
Walking around, thinking--
will we make it,
will we be enough

Enough to succeed and be smart enough to pass
Enough to get A’s B’s and C’s in each class

We all want to be accepted
We all want to fit in;
But all of us are different
All of us are unique--

We want to be intelligent
We want to be smart
We want to be special

Those of us that do our best
Those who just want to pass the test

We stand tall and proud
For those who don’t should

For we all are alive and well
We get education that is better than good

There are things in life we wish that we could change
The shoulds the woulds the could’s are always part of the game

All this pressure
All this stress
When all we can really do, is try our best

Not enough is when we don’t try
Giving up on ourselves-
Allowing failure

Not enough is when we give up
When we believe noone cares

Not enough is when we stop trying
When we believe there is no way
When we believe we cannot do it

But you need to remember      

You ARE intelligent
You ARE smart
You ARE special

You will make it
You are enough

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by school, and how every day someone struggles with something. Whether it be a bully at school, being overwhelmed by work or school, or even not wanting to come home because your environment outside of school is unsafe. Everyone needs a reminder that they are strong and intelligent, they can do anything, as long as they put their mind to it. 

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