An Oxygen Tank

May 11, 2017
By Anonymous


The first months
I never had to change
The abundance fed from your love was plentiful

Everyday it was fresh
Sometimes I forgot what it was like
Inhaling and Exhaling
Even though I had a full tank
The amount was always renewed

When you left
The abundance began to go scarce
But it would never be pronounced death
Just an oxygen tank

The author's comments:

What inspired me as a new writer to write this piece was my first heartbreak. Someone who felt like my lifeline ended up exiting my life pretty much. The oxygen tank was always fulled by the abundance of love that was shared in our relationship. When it ended, the oxygen tank grew scarce from the absence of that person. I say at the end it was never pronounced death because there was still that oxygen that kept me fueled and on my feet even without that person beign there in my life.

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