To You Whom the Pressure has Mad Bitter

May 11, 2017

You are fine, I assure you.
Whatever you have going on
I have far more.
I understand your pain,
At least, I think I do,
For yours is an easy trap to fall into.
How often do I wish to fall with you
To embrace the sweet relief of bitterness
The sweet comfort that comes from knowing,
That it’s not your fault
That the world is against you
That they need to lower their expectations
Your standards are perfect where they are.

This is to you, my most loyal friend
You who have fallen into your own trap of self pity
Of anger
Of fury
Nothing will satiate you for long
Your mouth longs to form the words of blame
The words that let all know how exhausted you are
This is to you, hoping it can reach you
Hoping you can see this path you follow
Knowing that I cannot join you for much further

Your trap is a dangerous one, far too comfortable
I shall not complain my way to complacence

I shall not feed your bitterness any longer

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