May 11, 2017
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1. What To Do When You Meet Your First Love and He Asks You Out on that Very Same Day After You’ve Already Had Your First Kiss

2. How to Cope when He Breaks up With You Exactly Four Months Later and Gives You a Well-Thought Out List of Bulls**t Excuses as to Why You Should No Longer Be Together

3. How to Get Back at Him by Dating His Best Friend Almost a Year Later

4. How to Break Up With Boy Number 2 Because He is More Like Your Ex than You Thought; He’s Worse

5. What to do When He Tells You It’s Not Over Until He Says it Is Because He’s that Abusive and His Control Issues are That Severe

6. How to Cope with the Fact You Have Now Met Someone New and It Feels as if You Have Known Them Your Whole Life but You Are Still Uncertain as to Why

7. How to not Get Blinded as You Look Deep Into His Emerald Green Eyes with Flicks of Gold in the Sunlight and Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God He is Beautiful

8. How to Deal with The Fact That You Are Now in Love with Someone who You Know Would Treat You Right if You Weren’t So Afraid

9. Coping with the Fact He Did Not Fall in Love with You

10. Dealing with the Fact He is Gone

11. Coming to the Conclusion that There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea and You are Bound to Find Someone Else Because of the Amount of People Living on This Planet

12. Realizing that It Doesn’t Matter Because He was Your Sea

13. Repeating the Cycle of Late Night Talks for Weeks on End of You Falling For Him and Him Not Falling For You

14. Coming to Terms with the Fact You are Going to Die Alone Because Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap If It Isn’t Him Then It’s No One

15. Realizing You are Insane but You Don’t Care Because You’ve Made Up Your Mind
16. Believing that Someday, Maybe, Possibly He Could Overcome His Fears and Love You Back Even Though You Know It’s a Longshot

17. Realizing that He Looks at You More Often than You Thought Because You’re Actually Able to Make Eye Contact with Someone for Once Without it Overwhelming You so You Can See He Gets that Look in His Eyes and It’s Always Directed Towards You

18. Knowing That The Best Relationships Start Out as Friendships and You are Willing to Wait Even Though You are Impatient Because Love is Always Worth It and You Refuse to Give Up

19. When Meeting His Family, Do Not Make the Joke that He is the Love of Your Life and Just Doesn’t Know It Yet Because It Will Already Be Awkward and You Know He Doesn’t Quite Like You Like That. Yet.

20. Living in Your Fantasy World and Not Giving Up Hope that Someday You Will Make Each Other Very Happy When in Reality The World is Going to Tear You Apart the Same Way that It Always Has and He Will Move On to a Prettier and Smarter Girl Because You Were the Only One Who Was Ever in Love and You Tricked Yourself Into Believing Otherwise

Boy Number One
Boy Number Two
Almost, Kind of, Sorta, Boy Number Three but Not Really
Falling In Love
Falling Out of Love
Welcome Back to Reality

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