The Muzzle Loader

May 11, 2017
By kasarskytyler SILVER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin
kasarskytyler SILVER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin
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The old man might say, “boys will be boys",
experimenting with a vast collection of many many toys.
Oh, but these three boys had other joys.
From hotwheel cars,
to bicycle ride adventures,
hours on end of xbox pleasure.
Then one day,
the three dim-witted adolescents ,
decided to play a game
I like to call;
the Muzzleloader hustle.
They set to the basement,
where they found several treasures.
From tattered tent pipes,
to a militaristic training rifle.
These “Smart” set of minds, Disentangled a puzzle,
took that tattered tent pipe,
and made a legitimate, Militaristic training rifle.
It all worked out until the most imbecilic of imbeciles ,
decide to fortify to much powder, into that,
Recently patented, militaristic rifle.
The boy set off, and lit that wick,
aiming directly into a large bundle of sticks,
when suddenly for several blocks around,
every neighbor in the town,
heard it.
“The big bang”.
Suddenly lights flicked on, that sound echoed on,
and to this day,
that damn dumbo, hears a ring of regret,
in those solemnly pained ears.
As life goes on,
this will be a lesson,
to any silly adolescents of times progression.

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