depression: personification

May 11, 2017

Depression is who makes you feel alone.
He wraps you up in his arms and tells you you're the only one who feels this way. 
He wears all black and will wear long sleeves even on hot summer days.
He hates joy and happiness, because he wishes he were like them.
Instead he is very shy and lonely.
He was always neglected as a child which is why he now causes people to feel like him, and suffer just like him.
When he's around you try and believe it's just another bad day, but it's not, depression has found you and won't let you go.
He is a childhood friend, the late night voices in your head.
He is the reason you start to shut everyone out, and why you lose motivation for anything you once loved.
He is like the darkness in the night, or being trapped inside a cage with no way to escape.
Like everyone around you is on solid ground while your in quicksand, sinking slowly then soon all at once.
After depression gets you, nothing's ever the same.
He loves to see you suffer as he takes away your smile, your laugh, your motivation, your everything.
It's like you're screaming as loud as you can and still no one can hear you.
Depression is a house fire, only the house is your head.  Depression watches as your head boils, and your dreams go up in smoke.
You are no longer a person, you are just something negative energy passes through on its way to its next victim.
Depression does teach you many things: like acting skills for when someone asks if you’re okay, and the perfect way to fake a smile.
You start to think you are worthless and broken and that makes him feel good because that is exactly how he wants you to view yourself.
He is thankful his younger brother Sadness brought you to him, And he thinks maybe one day he shall return the favor to his other brother, Death.
But he shouldn't get to pass you off,
You are worth so much more.
When you finally hit rock bottom, don't let him have victory.
Pick yourself back up.
Though you will fall many more times and it will feel like he will never let you go
Like no matter how far you strive away, there's a chain keeping you tied to him,
But there isn’t,  It is a war, many will die fighting, and you might want to surrender, but you can't, eventually you’ll win the battle, and depression will be gone.

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