The Night, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

May 11, 2017
By Anonymous

I gazed out the window, and looked upon the beautiful stars 

The stars were as bright as flashlights

They sparkled so bright you could spot them from afar

You could be able to see them from any sights 


The beautiful morning sun has come out 

The sun-peeks through my window blinds

In addition, the kids are out & about

I decided to go out and unwind 


Later, the ravishing afternooon sun hits upon me 

The fluffy white clouds look like marshmallows 

I could here the busy buzzing bee 

Nothing beats the fresh afternoon weather 


As the sun starts to go down, I feel a cool breeze upon me 

Night is approaching to creep up behind

Things are starting to wind down, its as silent as can be 

The day treated me very kind 


Therefore the cycle all repeats tomorrow 

Hopefully the day will be as great as today, or it will be even better 

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