Remember Who You Are

May 10, 2017
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Who are you?  Who am I? Remember…
Who knows, who can know, do I know, and if so, how do I know?
Do you know, are you sure? Do you know me? Do you know yourself?
Crazy Right…? Maybe, or… Maybe not.
My Mother has told me since before I can even remember… “Remember who you are”.
In fact it’s something she’s said to not only me, but all my siblings as well.  Remember!
Wow, remember… remember what?  Who I am?  Well, who am I? 
More importantly – who do I want to be?  How do I want to be?  What will it look like?  Ugh.
Well, I want to be kind.  I’d like to be smart.  I think it would be nice to be able to help others.
That sounds like work though… Maybe, I’d like to be lazy.  Yeah, that’s me… 
NO!  That’s not me at all… “Remember who you are” that’s what she tells me.
So what does that all mean?  What does she mean?
Well… She must mean… remember what you’ve been taught, what you’ve been shown , what you’ve learned.
She means… now live it out.  Just “do it”. 
You want it, you need it, it’s what’s best for you.
It’s not too much to ask, in fact, it’s not too much to require or do.
In fact it satisfies my inner most being.
And it blesses all who participates!
So, remember.
Remember who you are.

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