May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Am I a good person?
I make good grades in school,
I try as hard as I can in everything that I get into,
But is this really the best I can do,
Are you a good person
We all think this to ourselves,
And most of the time we lean towards yes,
But is it true?
I must be a good person.
I have become very smart I'm in college now,
I have friends and we have fun,
But is it too much?
Am I a good person?
Yes it must not be true,
I have a job now a wife and a son no two,
But I wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer,
Not a salesman,
But this is still nice,
I have a happy family two sons a wife,
And all though it's not perfect,
We still get by,
I'm happy with myself,
But is everyone happy with me?
By the end of my life,
I think back on my memories,
What I turned out to be,
I did all right I think to myself,
Was I a good person?
No I don't think I was,
One son was fine,
He got a good job turned out alright,
But the other turned out to do drugs and get into fights,
But it's ok as long as he's happy,
I know he has friends,
And he gets by just fine,
Kind of like me,
I tried to teach him to make good decisions,
He's grown now there isn't much we can do,
As long as he is happy and safe,
He loved me I loved him more
We don't talk much anymore,
I wonder where he is,
Was I a good father?
Was I a good person?
Well maybe I mean let's not jump to conclusions,
I must have been a good husband,
But was I?
I mean we got into fights,
But most of the time we were kind,
Yes I was a good husband,
And I was a fine salesman too,
Not many customers were ever unhappy,
And I was one of the boss's best men,
But I could have made more of myself,
Could I have been the boss,
Was I a good person?

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