May 10, 2017
By AspenStevens BRONZE, Bethlehem, New Hampshire
AspenStevens BRONZE, Bethlehem, New Hampshire
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The sight of you
Sent shivers down my spine.
Your glare left me breathless,
Gasping for air in a dreary section of town.
Your smile could light up a darkened city
But your touch,
Your touch was the epitome of addictions.
Baby, your touch was like heroin flowing through my veins,
Destroying everything you…touch.
Your touch was like millions of stars exploding
Between our lips.
Your touch sparked a forest fire
The flames dimmed so much that
you could only see the red hot ashes.
Your touch is the sound of tires screeching at midnight,
And the cries of children when their knees get scraped on the sidewalk,
Your touch,
Once like a hurricane,now there is only a single drop of rain left.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece was a poet by the name of Neil Hilborn. His poems talk about the struggles of his everyday life and his experiences. My hope for this piece is for people to be able to relate to my poem.

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