The Time Between

May 10, 2017
By , Chester, NJ

The insidious creature creeps along the corners until it begins to consume,
It eats away at the light which once filled the minds of the innocent,
the bleak face of a familiar friend fills my memory and poisons my mind
with dismal thoughts of death and fire,
the inferno of hell lights the pupils in my eyes,
only my world begins to turn to night,
the place I once knew was replaced by the thing that engulfed my being and ravaged my mind,


A void in my heart was now open,
the love that once filled me was destroyed by the black that now illustrates me.
All in an instant, all in time,
my story grew dramatic and the tone changed its mind.


The light flashes with every blink I take, all my thoughts are overwhelmed by your lack of your presence.
Every sound I hear is the noise the car made, the noise you made.
Your face with its beauty covered in fault,
the man should have looked,
he should have seen you,
he should have stopped.
Now only black,
only black and an empty space consume my thoughts.


The missing puzzle piece is gone from my hold forever,
only for me to reminisce on the broken picture that will never be complete.
Only for my to think about time,
think about time and what it did to me.


The creature changed me,
I no longer look at the world the same.
It is missing one life, one soul, one love, and all I feel is utter pain.
For a life I have lost, a world that feels strange,
time keeps ticking.
But I cannot change,
I cannot change
time keeps ticking,
but I am in a cage of my own making and my mind cannot escape.


That moment changed me and I will never be the same,
they say that time heals, but time has stayed the same.
Now I play with the thoughts in my mind,
and believe that I can leave this place and fly.
Instead I walk among faces of people I do not know,
and I wait for the day when I am no longer alone.


This burden will never leave me,
this creature will creep and lurk in corners to come,
And life will only make it grow,
It cannot die but it is no longer alive,
Its voice drowns out the world until,
There is only time.

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