what is love

May 10, 2017
By mercury019 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
mercury019 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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What is love
Is it imaginary
Is it fake
Does being in love have a meaning
Is there a truth to it
To me love is troublesome
Love brings heartache
Love brings pain
Loves brings sadness
So i ask again
What is love?
Ist it joyous
Is it happiness
Is it magical
Love is many things
It can be controversial
Loves is an emotional roller coaster
It comes in different shapes and sizes
It comes in many forms
Love is a game of the heart and mind
Is can fool the heart and not the mind
Then it could fool both as well
Love is defining to someone's life
Then it can be miserable to them as well
So look within and ask yourself
What is it to you?

The author's comments:

it is a question poem so close your eyes and have someone reade it to you

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